Deadly Explosion at Kerala, India Convention Center 1 Killed, and Over 20 Injured

1 Killed, and 20 Injured In The Ernakulam, India Blast

There was a blast at convention center in Ernakulam, Kerala

The number of 2000 people were present there at the time of the blast

According to eyewitness, there were 3 blasts happened.

NIA, investigation team of India is searching reasons behind this.

Mr. Amit Shah, Home minister of India, asked details from CM of Kerala about this mis happening 

It is not a normal blast, if NIA is there at the blast area.

The furninture of the convention centre was burnt from this blast.

People were started to gathering there, when this accident happend.

It is looking like high intensity accident at first view, because of the 3 blasts.

All the near by hospitals are on alert mode of the accidental place.

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