Marigolds and Tomato Bliss

 Marigolds are more than just pretty flowers. They repel nematodes that can harm your tomato plants, making them a vibrant pair.

Nasturtium's Trap

Nasturtiums attract aphids away from tomatoes, acting as a sacrificial plant. Your tomatoes stay unharmed!

Lavender's Fragrant Shield

Lavender not only repels pests but also creates a relaxing garden ambiance.

Rosemary's Vigilance

Plant rosemary near tomatoes to protect them from pesky bean beetles and cabbage moths.

Basil's Secret Flavor

Plant basil near tomatoes to improve their flavor. These two make a perfect pasta sauce combination.

Dill vs. Tomato Pests

Dill's strong scent repels aphids and hornworms that threaten tomato plants. Plus, you can harvest fresh dill for your dishes.

Allium Alchemy

Onions, garlic, and chives not only keep pests at bay but also improve tomato health. The taste? Simply delectable.

Calendula's Healing Touch:

Calendula flowers help heal wounds on tomato leaves and deter certain pests. Nature's remedy for your garden.

Borage's Bounty

Borage enhances tomato growth, boosts flavor, and attracts pollinators with its vibrant blue blossoms.

Carrots & Tomatoes

Plant carrots alongside tomatoes to save space and discourage weeds. They're compatible above and below the soil.

Tansy's Pest Repellent Power

Tansy deters ants, Japanese beetles, and other tomato foes with its strong aroma.

Chervil's Shade

Chervil provides shade for delicate tomato seedlings and adds a touch of elegance to your garden.

Yarrow's Medicinal Touch

Yarrow improves soil health and aids in nutrient absorption for robust tomatoes.

Cilantro's Culinary Connection

Cilantro enhances the flavor of tomatoes and is a must-have for salsa lovers.

Horseradish and Tomato Health

Horseradish promotes tomato health, thanks to its disease-fighting properties.