2023 Super Bowl: Kelce Brothers' Historic Philadelphia Eagles-Chiefs Showdown

1. In a historic sibling rivalry, the Kelce brothers created NFL history in the 2023 Super Bowl when Jason's Eagles lost to Travis's Chiefs.

2. Following the Super Bowl, they were extremely well-known, thanks in large part to Jason's family documentary and Travis's public relationship.

3. November 20, 2023, will see a unique Super Bowl rematch, which will open a new chapter in their legendary careers.

4. Jason and Travis Kelce, who are also from Cleveland Heights, are NFL greats who have won Super Bowls.

5. Despite facing personal obstacles, the Kelce family's path is rooted by their parents' long and loving relationship.

6. Ed Kelce considers the value of remaining together for the benefit of their kids in their documentary.

7. The Kelce brothers had formative experiences as housemates and teammates throughout their college years at Cincinnati.

8. Their podcast "New Heights" shares their life stories and ideas, ranging from football anecdotes to fashion gaffes.

9. The number 87 on Travis Kelce's jersey represents the start of the Kelce dynasty in the NFL.

10. As the 2023 Super Bowl drew near, Jason showed his sincere delight in Travis's development, while Donna Kelce wryly balanced support for both kids.