Abigail Breslin Claimed Aaron Eckhart Was 'Hostile' and 'Belittling

Abigail Breslin has accused actor Aaron Eckhart of aggressive behavior on the set of "Classified."

She felt unsafe around him, according to a lawsuit reported by Rolling Stone.

The incident involving Breslin and Eckhart became part of a legal dispute.

 The production companies are suing Breslin, claiming her allegations disrupted the film and cost $80,000.

The lawsuit states that Breslin reported Eckhart's behavior as threatening. This almost stopped the film's production.

Rolling Stone reviewed the legal complaint. It mentions that Breslin's accusations led her to file a complaint with the Screen Actors Guild.

Eckhart's representative has not commented on the situation.

Breslin's representative states she hasn't received legal notice and denies the claims against her.

The production companies allege that their investigation found no proof of Breslin's claims against Eckhart.

The lawsuit suggests the movie might face problems upon release. It has few scenes with both Breslin and Eckhart together.

The producers also state that Breslin asked for $35,000 to sign her final contract

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