Driving in the U.S. isn't just about fuel costs—insurance, taxes, and tolls add up quickly.

1. The country's highways boast over 3,600 miles of toll roads, hitting some wallets hard.

2. Uproad highlights the Pennsylvania Turnpike as America's priciest toll road.

3. Stretching 360 miles, this Keystone State highway demands a steep $112.91 for cars.

4. At $0.31 per mile, the cost soars over four times higher than other expensive U.S. roads.

5. Big rigs cost over $200 to cross the Turnpike, a financial heavyweight.

6. In contrast, New York's scenic Whiteface Mountain drive is a relative bargain at just over $28.

7. Down south, Florida's Ronald Reagan Turnpike takes $26.45 for a full journey.

8. Cheaper still, Ohio's and Texas's turnpikes offer journeys for $20.50 and $0.51 per mile, respectively.

9. The budget-friendly Boulevard Bridge in Virginia asks for just 35 cents to cross.

10. But in New York, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge's toll is a stiff $15 for its short span.