Pakistan's Cricket World Cup journey hit a rough patch with four straight losses, nearly sending them home.

They had a strong start with wins against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka but stumbled against India, Australia, Afghanistan, and South Africa.

Now, after recent victories over Bangladesh and New Zealand, Pakistan's semi-final hopes are flickering back to life.

For a shot at the semi-finals, Pakistan must win against England and boost their Net Run Rate to aim for 10 points.

Meanwhile, India is expected to top the table with wins over South Africa and the Netherlands.

If all falls into place, Australia and South Africa would be in the second and third spots, and Pakistan could climb to fourth

Pakistan could climb to fourth, setting up a thrilling India vs. Pakistan semi-final in Kolkata,

Pakistan's path is still tangled with hurdles, but their immediate goal is clear: beat England, who are struggling in ODIs

For this New Zealand must be defeated by Sri Lanka also in 2023 Cricket World Cup.

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