Age-Defying Debut:

The oldest NFL player, George Blanda, made his professional debut in 1949 at the age of 22. He went on to play until 1975, setting an unparalleled record.

Six Decades of Excellence:

George Blanda's career spanned six decades, an astonishing 26 years, making him a true NFL icon.

Iron Man of Football:

Blanda holds the record for the most seasons played in the NFL, with a jaw-dropping 26 seasons under his belt.

Quarterback & Kicker:

Blanda was a versatile player, serving as both a quarterback and kicker, a rare feat in NFL history.

Age 48: Still Throwing Touchdowns:

At 48 years old, Blanda threw a touchdown pass, proving that age couldn't dim his skills.

Last-Minute Heroics:

He was known for his clutch performances, often making game-winning plays in the final minutes.

Four Touchdowns in One Game:

In a single game in 1961, Blanda threw four touchdown passes, an incredible achievement at any age.

All-Time Leading Scorer:

Blanda held the record for the most points scored in NFL history when he retired, underlining his incredible longevity.

Ageless Accuracy:

He still holds the record for the oldest player to complete a 40-yard pass, proving that precision knows no age.