Google is once again making headlines by reducing its personnel, this time notably in its news branch, following a significant round of layoffs earlier this year.

The corporation hasn't disclosed the precise number of staff members who have been let go, but an Alphabet Workers Union spokeswoman acknowledged job losses in the news division. 

The announcement comes just a few weeks after Google fired hundreds of recruiters last month, according to the same source.

Top news stories based on readers' interests and localities are centralized on the Google News platform. 

In January, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, revealed plans to reduce its global staff by 6%.

roughly 12,000 Google staff members as well as workers from other Alphabet operations were laid off as a result. 

For the ensuing downsizing initiatives, the corporation had emphasized its prior employment policies, which had been in response to the pandemic's increase in the digital economy.

Recent announcements of layoffs made by numerous technological organizations are a result of strategic reorganization initiatives.

Major smartphone chipset manufacturer Qualcomm laid off 1,258 workers, but just in two of its California offices.