Joran van der Sloot acknowledges killing Natalee Holloway, a teenage girl from Alabama.

Beth Holloway now has a clear understanding of what transpired to her daughter Natalee in Aruba in 2005.

But the judge says Natali's body will never be founded.

Van der Sloot had been arrested several times in connection with Natali’s death.

Joran decided to “push her off” into the ocean, according to the interview transcript.

Van der Sloot consented to notify Beth Holloway about her daughter's death and the location of her body's hiding place.

The person Joran van der Sloot had long suspected of killing the Alabama youngster has admitted to the horrific crime.

On a beach in Aruba, Van der Sloot, 36, confessed to killing the teenager with a cinder block after she refused his advances for sex.

While visiting the Dutch Caribbean island for her high school graduation, Natalee vanished from sight.

The last person to be spotted with the eighteen-year-old was Van der Sloot.

It's ended. My daughter's murder is no longer being investigated against Joran van der Sloot. "He is the murderer," stated Beth Holloway.