The TCS is on target to hire 40,000 campus students  in the current financial year 2023-24, according to TCS COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam.

According to him, TCS typically employs between 35,000 and 40,000 employees, and those plans are still in place.

Infosys CFO Nilanjan Roy stated that the company added 50,000 students last year and that it will wait to recruit on campuses until demand rises.

TCS would adjust its employment strategies in accordance with the estimate for demand for discretionary spending.

Mr. Subramaniam said "When there is a contraction in discretionary spending, we hire a lesser number of laterals."

'We are invested in our people for the long term, supporting them to imagine and build towards the meaningful careers they aspire to.' , According to TCS

TCS COO said,  "About 10% of 6 lakh employees - which means about 60,000 people - are on the bench and they can be productively deployed."

'All these people were going through training, induction, and upskilling in the last 12 months.', He said.