Beginning on October 26, United Airlines will board economy passengers with window seats before those with middle and aisle seats, the airline announced in an internal memo.

According to United, the new boarding procedure will save boarding time by up to two minutes.

First class, business class, and preboarding passengers are unaffected by the change.

United Airlines will change its boarding order next week by letting economy-class passengers who have selected window seats to board before those with middle and aisle seats.

The boarding process might be shortened by two minutes, according to the business.

In order to save valuable time when loading people aboard aircraft, airlines frequently adjust the boarding process.

In particular at crowded airports, a disorderly boarding delay leading to a departure delay may trigger additional disturbances during the day if aircraft and passengers arrive late.

According to the memo, United's boarding procedure will not change from preboarding, which covers passengers with impairments, active duty military personnel, parents of under-two-year-olds, and the airline's highest tier of elite frequent flyers, through Group 3.

Group 4 passengers will board first, then those with middle seats, aisle seats, and finally those with window seats. 

Families, for example, are permitted to board together, according to United.

All domestic flights as well as certain foreign planes will use the new boarding procedure.